I will show in some pictures how to understand where is real antique natural Baltic amber. 

Signs of antique Baltic amber :

1) Most antique Baltic amber natural and authentic necklace have different color, shades on beads 

This means some beads on necklace will be brighter, lighter ???? yellow color shade , some beads will be darker brown color shade , some beads dark Yellow color shade, some rare beads will be dark red color beads. Dark red color beads the most expensive in necklace,  some all  red color beads on necklace, or bracelet cost more than 130 usd per gram. 

2) Before 150 - 80 - 50 years ago 

Around 1850 - 1900 - 1950 - 1980 years 

In this time period was Baltic amber necklace, stone time.  At this time Baltic amber was very popular, especially  between worldwide ???? different nations, such as China , Baltic states countries, Saudo Arabia, Kuvait, Egipt, USA  and other...

It's very valuable for religion and in some medicine using. 

Some China  people believe that wearing Baltic amber bracelet, necklace attracts the real wife, or men to make then family ???? 

Now a days rich collectors use antique amber necklace, bracelet as valuable assets, what is rare  = very valuable asset. 

The history shows this time between 1850 - 1980 century Baltic amber necklace beads hole ???? was not very thin, because was only fat size ( 1.5 - 3 millimeters drilling drills. )

So the local amber workers use only fat size, fat size 

drills so this means the necklace beads hole ???? was only fat ,thick size hole ???? size. History facts shows that in this time period was not using thin drills for amber drilling. 

Antique NATURAL Baltic amber necklace beads hole  would be not very thin. 

The more Thicker, fatter beads hole ???? size so this means it is very old and have many years , so the price of necklace, bracelet will be higher ????.

The more beads hole ???? fatter, the more value it has. 

Usually, normal size antique necklace, bracelet beads hole ???? size minimum 1.3 millimeters to maximum very old 3  millimeters. 

If the necklace beads hole size ???? very narrow, thin only 1 mm beads hole ???? size  and necklace all beads color shade have the same color shade and it looks like antique necklace so it can be color modification changed by heating technology. 

It can be sign of not antique, not authentic amber necklace, or color changed by heating technology. 

Amber heating technology works now a days , if you buy antique natural Baltic amber necklace, or stone you should ask seller question

 " Is this  amber natural antique amber necklace not heated? 

Not color changed? Not pressed? , no color modification ?" 

If seller reliable and have high reputation and high feedback ratings he will tell you the truth. 

Now a days you can find on ebay shop, or others sellers shops a lot of heated  ???? amber necklace, bracelets, stones.

It's not so bad heated amber, but in this case heated amber price much more lower 10 times price than natural antique amber. 

Some not very reliable sellers want that antique Baltic amber necklace would have darker color, dark red color beads  has more value so some seller heated amber and make color darker, but in this case

Profesional amber traders buyers see that this amber heated so the amber buyer will have no longtime connection between seller.

If heated amber necklace so usually all necklace beads have the same color, shade. 

We will tell you that on new generation Baltic Natural amber necklace, stones

Amber Salt water amber test on YouTube which shows are not working, it's as "stone age test" 

These amber test on YouTube test works only on cheap plastic necklace, bracelets, stones. 

Hot needle amber test on YouTube also not working, Because on pressed amber and heated amber test it just not working. 

The profesional antique amber traders, buyers know how to test real natural authentic amber by just looking by their eyes ???????????? into amber good quality pictures and checking, looking for authentic signs on amber. 

Professional amber trader, buyers knows the natural amber inside texture, structure on beads, or stone. 

The nature, natural Baltic amber beads structure, texture is different than pressed, or modified amber beads texture, structure. 

We tell you that now a days 

Some seller sell very very good quality amber pressed amber necklace, bracelets, stones. 

The amber pressed technology now so powerful that it can easy make pressed amber beads ???? and it will be looking as antique natural amber necklace or stones. 

Of course who working with amber will see 

where is natural amber, where is not natural. 

Most amber junior member resellers, buyers buy pressed amber as while thinking ???? that it's natural amber , it has also attract cheap price, but when they know that it's not natural amber so they be very disappointed.

So better to buy from ebay, or payment by PayPal by invoice, or high quality websites. 

 So better to use safe payment by PayPal invoice, bill payments, or you need to know this person very well, or seller need to have good reputation on selling antique natural amber, or you need to get good recommendations from others reliable people. 

Because not reliable people on Internet and on streets offer to  buy cheap, not natural amber

You need always know what you are buying. Cheap amber most fake amber, or amber with many defects, or not valuable amber, or bad quality amber. 

Antique Baltic amber have necklace, stones have more that 10 quality factors types, which affect quality rate.

Rich amber buyers, collectors knows very well this quality rates, factors. 

We write ???? this article to show that not always cheap price on Internet and 

looking as amber be the real truth. 

Signs of antique